A Key To Success

What is THE key to success?  Well, that's a difficult question to answer.  One person's definition of success may be completely different from someone else's definition.  That variation is why there is not one specific key to success.  

Dictionary.com defines success as:
1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals.
2. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.
3. a performance or achievement that is marked by success, as by the attainment of honors: (ex. The play was an instant success.)
4. a person or thing that has had success, as measured by attainment of goals, wealth, etc.: (ex. She was a great success on the talk show.)

What the definition of success boils down to - either through a personal interpretation or the dictionary - is the achievement of goals.  Going back to the initial thought that goals are interpreted individually, it is important to accurately define your goals - whether individually or for your company.

While many of us can lump generalized goals like the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like, it is important to set specific goals - for your particular situation.  Do you view $1M in client billing for the first quarter as a good, realistic goal for your company?  Or is a more realistic goal closer to $50K for the first quarter?

The same analysis can be made for your social media, web, and multimedia productions.  If you are just starting up a podcast, for instance, it is important to build a community for that podcast.  If you already have a built-in demographic and network, it is easier to build up a following across social media and web platforms.  It takes work, a dedicated social media plan, and may include some experience in developing a paid social media campaign platform.  If you already have some of that in place, you are already a leg up on the game.  

Whether you are new to internet marketing and messaging or are a seasoned veteran, goals are important.  Remember when setting your goals, be realistic - yet optimistic.  Set goals that push the envelope, without setting you up for failure.

We will be featuring some additional tips and tricks in the coming weeks.  

Missy Sorg