Audio recording may be one of the simplest things your company can do. Whether you're recording an audio version of a presentation or are launching an audio podcast, you can rely on the experience of our team to help.

Audio Recording

We provide a variety of audio recording options - including live events and seminars.

AUDIO Podcasting

With the trend toward podcasting, many of our clients are interested in implementing audio podcasting into their businesses.  With over ten years of experience, our team can get you started, or assess your current set-up and provide options to improve your podcast.   

Social Media

Social media consists of two parts: strategy and implementation.  We can provide services for both - together or individually, depending on what you need.


Our in-house analyst will review your current social media usage (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to provide an in-depth breakdown of how your social media is currently used and how your company can maximize social media tools for better results.


Our team will work with you and your company to get your social media campaign  moving.  Whether you are implementing a social media plan pursuant to our analysis or would like some help in getting your own social media platform in motion, we can help pave the way.


They say video killed the radio star for a reason.  With the advent of YouTube, just about anyone can easily provide video content for their company.  Let our team of knowledgable videographers and editors help make your project perfect.

Video Recording

Sidekick Media Services provides knowledgeable videographers with high-definition cameras to ensure the best recording for your project or event.

Video Editing

In addition to filming, we provide video editing services.  Whether you're looking to clean up a video or edit a video down to a usable finished product, we can help.

Video Podcasting

Video podcasts are a great way to generate content for your company website and to provide a more hands-on product for your clients and customers.  Our team has been working with video podcasting practically since its inception.  We can offer a variety of options for you and your team - depending on the size of your project.


Educational Services

In addition to providing tangible services, we also provide educational services - to help teach you and your employees how to maintain your audio/video and social media platforms.  Whether you're a go-getter who wants to do it yourself, or you're budget savvy and want to save some costs, we can provide training sessions to help get you on your way.