Are You Making the Most of Your Online Presence?

I recently had conversations with a couple of new clients (different clients and different projects, mind you) about our services.  One individual was looking into our website, video, and podcasting services.  The other was interested in social media.  As part of my standard discussion with prospective clients I generally ask about their current web, social media, video and podcasting services.  This question is an important part of our analysis process.  If a client has a podcast, for instance, it makes sense to list the podcast on their social media and website if it isn't already listed.  By looking at their picture as a whole, it allows us to better optimize and utilize the portion they are asking us to assist with.

Before I proceed, I do want to get something clear.  One of the things I really dislike when I'm shopping is when a salesperson follows me around while I am perusing.  If I pick an item up to look at it, I really don't want to have someone telling me how great it will look sitting on my desk, or how great it is when I pair it with another item they want me to purchase.  To offer additional items once is a good thing - especially if I didn't realize it was an option to begin with.  But, to keep trying to upsell?  That's where I have a problem.  

I keep that idea in mind while working with clients.  While I am not one to push unnecessary services on a client, if I do see something that can improve their overall service - I mention it.  I explain why it makes sense.  And, I let them decide.

Now that you understand my philosophy, let's get back to the two clients.

As indicated, Client A was looking into our website, video, and podcasting services.  While asking about their social media integration, Client A indicated they have a Twitter account, but they don't really use it.  They also have a Facebook page, but it isn't usually updated.  This was the part of the conversation where I asked, "Why?"  Again, the question was for me to understand how the client utilizes their overall marketing options - and gives us a better opportunity to find a good solution.  The primary reason Client A was coming to us was to help drive traffic to their website.  A friend of theirs uses video and podcasting on their site, and suggested it would be a good thing to add.  My question to Client A was simple.  "If you have a website you're asking to integrate video and podcasting into, how are you getting people to see that video and listen to that podcast you're asking us to help you with?"  Client A, based on their friend's success with adding a podcast and video component, did not realize that by implementing a strategic advertising and social media plan they could help drive traffic to their website.  Client A didn't realize that by simply adding a podcast and video component to their website that their site would still lack a distribution option. After our discussion and explanation, Client A decided to have us assist with production of their podcast, development of their website, and integration of a social media plan.

In the example of Client B, they approached us with an interest in social media development.  They had a personal Facebook page, but wanted a professional page.  They also wanted to integrate their Twitter for promotion.  In our discussions with Client B, we asked the general question about their overall online presence.  Client B did not have a website.  Client B did not have a podcast.  However, in Client B's case, a Facebook page and Twitter account were the answer.  The Facebook page would act as their website, and their Twitter would act as a social media outlet - driving people back to the Facebook page.  

Why would we talk Client A into additional services, yet guide Client B with solely what they asked for?  Because we treat each client and each project individually, that's why.  What may work for one client and their project may or may not work for the next client and their project.  Our goal is to help our clients make the most of what they are trying to do, with what works best for their particular needs.  We help give them a guideline based on what they are looking for, with guidance based on our knowledge and experience.  In the case of Client A, they needed a more involved solution.  Client B's project however, did not require a full-on website or podcast integration.  The solution in that particular instance was to utilize the functions through Facebook (Facebook Events, Facebook LIVE, and general Facebook options) with the additional social media components Twitter offers.  

No matter what you are currently using for your online presence, my question to you is this:  Are you making the most of your online presence?  If not, how could you make it better?