Start Your Podcast

In the past week alone I have spoken with a number of people, all of whom have said one thing during our respective conversations: "I should have a podcast."  Best part?  None of these discussions were in the course of business.  They were with friends and colleagues during social interactions.  

My response to these people, and by proxy you, is yes.  Yes, you SHOULD have a podcast.  

Back before podcasting was even a thing, a group of my friends would get together and talk about something they not only had in common, but something they were all passionate about: professional wrestling.  There was no real agenda for making something of it.  They were happy to get together and talk with other fans of the product.  Using a Shoutcast stream and AOL chats for live interactions, their podcast was born on a Switchpod hosting service.  That was a little over a decade ago.  That little podcast is now a weekly episodic show that has a dedicated listenership.  We've seen friends come and go throughout the history of the show, but it continues to be a group of friends - from all walks of life and regions of the country, coming together to hang out in a virtual meeting space.   

My point here is that podcasts are more than just the new "it" thing. 

Taking commentary from one of the panelists for the social media panel I was recently part of, there was a time not so long ago when websites were a hip trend and not everyone had them.  If you or your business had a website you were living in the future.  Websites were not a requirement for businesses.  Turn the clocks ahead to today, and websites are now a staple of industry.  If your company doesn't have a website, even if it is a simple landing page, you are now in the minority.  

The same trend stands true for podcasts.  Everyone these days has one.  Much like the rise of the age of the website, podcasts will become the industry standard.  Those without a podcast of their own will be in the minority.  

If you're thinking about starting a podcast, whether it's personally or professionally, what's keeping you from doing it?  If you're looking for a sign or an invitation to take that leap, consider this both.