Surround Yourself with Dreamers and Thinkers

Working within a structured environment is generally a good rule of thumb when it comes to business.  From an early age, we are taught the importance of a regimented schedule.  Preschool has the purpose of introducing and integrating children with their peers - to prepare them for Kindergarten.  Kindergarten introduces more of a developed schedule with time for learning daily lessons, time for play, time for napping, and time for lunch and snacks.  Those events generally occur at the same time each day, further preparing children for grade school.  Grade school adds additional form into the daily schedule, preparing us for junior high school - which prepares us for high school - which prepares us for college - which prepares us for the workforce.

Structure is fine and dandy.  However, if you're working on trying to get people interested in your new product or your service line, you want to make sure you are providing the right amount of content with something to catch the attention of your audience.  

That's where thinkers and dreamers come in handy!

Thinkers and dreamers are what I like to refer to as the idea creators.  They look at options with an outside-the-box approach.  You can either give them a direction to run with, or give them a basic concept and let them come up with something from scratch.  They are also the people who can look at a problem and offer an alternative solution.  

Remember that guy in high school who was always in the AV department wearing the Nirvana t-shirt and producing weird videos?  Dreamer.  Guess what that guy's doing today.  He is running his own multimedia company.  He's the dreamer that the corporate guys hire to film and edit a promotional video for their new product or service.  

While I'm promoting the dreamers and thinkers, don't get me wrong - a dreamer without an ability to enact on those dreams will not go very far.  This is why we suggest surrounding yourself with creative individuals.  Allow them to inspire you.  Allow yourself to utilize their passions to create truly amazing projects.  

p.s.  That video guy I told you about earlier?  He's our videographer and video producer here at Sidekick Media Services.  As part of our creative team, he works hand-in-hand with clients and other members of our team to analyze, initiate, and execute creative projects.  He also produces a variety of podcasts through Sorgatron Media.



Missy Sorg